Start Your Mornings with Magic!


Magical Morning Topics Covered:

MODULE 1: Magical Evening Routine Crash Course
Your morning success starts the night before. That's why I've included secrets to getting to bed for a deeper, more restful night's sleep! 

MODULE 2: Waking Up Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed
Instead of dreading the day ahead, learn how to start your day excited, positive, and inspired!

MODULE 3: The Magical Morning Routine
The nuts and bolts of how to get grounded, focused and set your day up for success!

MODULE 4: Manifesting with the "WOOHOO 8"
How to use your prime morning hours to attract miracles and design your life through a daily manifestation practice!

MODULE 5: Morning Movement
How to use morning movement to wake up the brain, heal the body, and find more energy throughout the day!

MODULE 6: Morning Creation Time
How to discover your purpose, organize your days, structure your hours, and focus on your personal mission!!!


MODULE 7: The Magical Morning
Work Routine
Learn how to set yourself up for success at the office. Approach your workday with a better attitude and improve your office relationships. Get clear on your priorities and arrange your day so you get what you want to get done and not someone else's to-do list.

MORE BONUSES! Brainwave Entrainment Music

I've included two types of brainwave entrainment music.

Delta brainwave entrainment music to help you fall asleep and get a deeper night's rest.

And theta brainwave entrainment music to help you quiet your mind for meditation or automatic writing (if you choose to include automatic writing in your morning. routine)

These bonuses alone, are worth more than the cost of the program at full price!


What's Included:

By enrolling today, you’ll get the complete 40 video package, plus exclusive live calls & Q&A with direct access to Michael, a private facebook groupbonus brain entrainment music, bonus guided meditations and much more!  

It’s the first morning routine designed to combine your spiritual journey and your material journey into one. This is a morning routine to help you get grounded and get things done, all the while focused and in alignment with your higher self!


"I do competitions with horses. I started to have a lot more success in competition and my family life has gotten better as well."

Martin Arnold
Co-Founder, Horse Trainer & Instructor, Concordia Dressage

"It’s totally changed my energy levels and mood during the day. It also just feels really great to accomplish something that is outside of my wheelhouse."

Sable Worthy
Founder & Chief Consultant, Worthy Media LLC

"It makes me feel very calm and positive and I feel as if the day ahead will go well."

Patricia Reaney
Management Development Consultant

We’ll teach you step-by-step how to transform your morning into a special, sacred event for greater energy, raising your vibration, manifestation, focus, and success! We’ll teach you how to get more quality out of your sleep, how to wake up energized and on fire, and how to be more centered, focused and at peace throughout your day. And we’ll help you to prioritize and front-load your most important tasks.

Finally we’ll show you how to find your purpose and direction, and how to focus on your mission, rather than anyone else’s throughout your day. In other words, you’ll learn how to ride the day, rather than have the day ride you! In essence, we’ll teach you how to get in the zone and stay in the flow! By the end of our time together, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your dreams, while being more centered and at peace.

Wake up to Your Magical Life

Simple changes every morning add up... Before you know it, you've created a new reality - one that you've designed with purpose and intention.


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