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MasterClasses are intimate group coaching classes limited to 18 participants. Each week, join Michael Sandler & Jessica Lee in a live video call where you get to interact directly with Michael & Jessica and other like-minded friends.

Manifestation MasterClass Registration NOW OPEN!

This 10-Week Live Group Coaching program starts Thursday, September 27th, 2018. The Manifestation MasterClass is limited to only 18 inspired participants, so register soon!


Self-Paced Online Video Courses

AWE (The Automatic Writing Experience)

Michael Sandler's #1 tool he teaches all of his coaching clients to gain guidance & direction. He and his wife, Jessica practice AWE on a daily basis. 

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The Magical Morning Routine for Busy Spiritual Seekers!

Spring-board success through a powerful morning routine! Michael's unique program to create a balanced work, home, and spiritual life, starting bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

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The Magical Evening Routine for Slumbery Spiritual Seekers!

COMING THIS OCTOBER! The secret to more peace and getting things done always comes from the night before. Find out how to get your greatest night's sleep ever and wake up energized & refreshed!

Find Your Purpose, Path & Direction

COMING SOON: Michael's surefire program to help you discover your purpose, path & direction, so you can start living your life's mission and your dreams! Find your way and find your bliss!!!


Rewire Your Mind for Powerful Positivity!

COMING SOON: Set yourself up for success by rewiring your mind for happiness & joy! Michael's top tools & formula to get you into the light and vibrating at the highest level you can! 

Take on the World as an Open-Hearted Warrior!

COMING SOON: Shift the very essence of how you live!!! Learn the spiritual seeker's way to living each moment from the heart, with greater fulfillment, purpose and joy! 


About Your Instructor
Michael Sandler

Michael Sandler is an inspirational author, motivational speaker, life coach of over 20 years and hosts Inspire Nation Show, one of the world's most popular spiritual self help podcasts and youtube channels. Together, with his wife Jessica Lee, their mission is to help the world shine brighter and bring a lot more WOOHOO to everyone's day!


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