Together, We'll Help You Find Your Happy Place & Heal Your Heart!

Prepare to dive into your heart and turn this "crazy" time into something incredibly positive--for NOW and your FUTURE! 

There's never been a better or more important time to dive into the heart! In this 5-day Positivity Bootcamp (taught live by Michael Sandler), we'll work to rewire your mind, and move past emotion wounds and blocks that are keeping you from shining at your brightest.

We'll help you expand your heart, recharge your heart, and heal your heart--finding self-compassion, kindness, and happiness, at a level you never knew was possible.

And we'll work to make this a new BASELINE for that you can return to happiness, ANYTIME you want.


5 Classes for 5 Days for ONLY $7

We'll meet for 90 minutes, 5 evenings straight, where we'll focus on specific techniques to dive into and heal the heart--and rewire your mind. That's over 7 hours of high-energy, feel-good, heart-warming content for only 7 dollars!

Or as my wife Jessica, aka the Pookie, likes to say, "It's the price of one foofoo coffee drink!"

If you can only make it to one class live, you've already gotten waaay more than your money's worth!


Finding your happy place is needed now more than ever. Without it, you feel stuck, trapped, and without purpose. But once we heal your heart, you'll feel inspired to re-start your life, and take everything to a new level!

This is your chance to raise your vibrations like you never have before, to see beyond the mundane and truly becoming the Light Warrior you were always meant to be!

Soon you'll find your default state is a higher level of happiness--leaving you empowered, on fire, and with greater courage for whatever you choose next.

In essence, you'll be ready to leave this cocoon re-energized and more capable and confident than ever before. 

You’ll finish with a new lease on life, and perspective, helping you see opportunities you never could before, and a new future, you never dared to dream!

Plus, you’ll find community, family, and make new friends!


Hello Bright and Shiny Beacon of Light!

What a special time it is, and an incredible opportunity to join our bootcamp!

It’s spring, a time of hope, possibility, and of complete and total re-invention, if the energy is there.

The challenge is, we may have to jumpstart your heart again, as we’ve all felt the aches and pains (or more) of this current time.

And that’s why we’re coming together as a group (if you’ve been looking for your tribe, this is it!!!). To heal the wounds, to re-energize your heart, connect with like-minded souls, and have you feel better, and yes, HAPPIER than ever! And you won’t feel alone or isolated anymore!!!

For happiness isn’t just a warm-and-fuzzy, it’s a powerful fuel that helps you do anything. For when you’re in your happy place you see opportunities and possibilities all around. You have the energy to get things done, and you feel sharper and more focused.

And the keys to happiness aren’t secrets, or reserved for those with “perfect” lives. There are key steps you can take, simple daily actions, to heal the heart and rewire for happiness.

 Our recent bootcamps have been more successful than I ever could have imagined. We’ve helped people rewire their minds, feel better, get out of a funk, and even out of depressions.

It’s been life-changing beyond our wildest dreams!

And people are coming together as a family, you could call it your new Inspire Nation Family.

We’ve laughed together, danced together, did I mentioned laughed together some more??? And we’ve done powerful group intention setting meditations that have helped people overcome physical challenges, emotional wounds, and we’re told even help those in the ER.

Are they miracles??? Who knows, but there’s an incredible power and energy that’s quite palpable (Yes your hair may stand on end!) when you meditate on one single cause as a group.

So come join us for this extra special event. I promise, you’ll feel much, much better, you’ll establish a new baseline for happiness, you’ll be on-fire for the spring ahead, and you’ll be surrounding yourself with a new family--of truly like-minded friends.

We all want friends who support what we’re doing, don’t look at us as crazy, and believe in who we are--well you’ve found that place, and you’ve found your home.

We send so much love your way, and can’t wait to “see” you there.

Keep on shining bright!!!!

Michael, Jessica and your newfound family (Yes, that means Sir Meowsers too)

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Over 7 Hours of Live Coaching with Michael Sandler!

We'll cover one key topic a day, strategically designed to rewire your mind for positivity and change your energetic state.

And while we won't focus on current events we'll help you reframe, overcome primal fears, and turn the swirling energies of the world around us, into a positive fuel in your life.

In essence, we can use this time of fear and uncertainty to help upgrade your inner world.

And the outer always reflects the inner.

On top of that, you'll be able to ask and get your questions answered, live--in essence, it's like group coaching, but at a fraction of the price (it's usually 100x or more the cost!)


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Daily Step-by-Step Program

It's all-too-easy to be completely overwhelmed by self-help tools, books and programs. What do I do when? In what order? And how do I do it without any set structure or format to follow (aka, when I'm locked at home!)

Here you'll get the structure, guidance, and formula you need to rewire for positivity, without becoming overwhelmed.

It's like I'm right there with you hand-in-hand, answering your questions, helping guide you, being the amazing accountability partner you've always wanted, and there to help dust you off if you need it too!

You'll get very select key exercises, each designed to build on the next, turning you into a bright and shiny light-bulb, where you know what to do and when. So you'll find yourself feeling a light brighter, shinier, and more positive each and ever day!


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Daily Group-Intention Meditations

These meditations are incredibly powerful...10x, even 100x or more regular meditations, because we're harnessing the power of the group.

Group meditations have been scientifically proven to change your energetic state, quiet your mind, and help permanently change your brain-wave patterns. In essence hard-wiring in positivity.

And as Lynne McTaggart showed with her "power of 8" meditations, group-intentions have the ability to shift our lives, the planet, and literally create miracles!!!

And you will leave feeling incredible: blissed out, at peace, completely re-invigorated, and with your fear left behind!!

Each day we'll end class with guided meditations--live with me.


Glowing Responses from Open Hearted Warriors

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Christie Fisher

I am loving this warrior boot camp so much!! I saw it in my inbox the day before it started and felt that impulse of joy to take it. I cannot tell u how much it has already helped me.  You have reconnected me to love, to my love for me, to really focusing on sharing my love much more consciously w/ others. Oh it’s just so beautiful. All of the gorgeous tools u have given have been life changing reminders for me!!!!

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Terri R.

Micheal, let me express my gratitude to you first!!! I loved our first lesson in the boot camp series. You gave so much information with a powerful meditation at the end. This is my first time signing up for one of your events. What a great investment!! I already started the exercises I am looking forward to Day 2!

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Amen Zemichael

Michael my heart is full listening to you answering my questions. I think I am starting to see my life purpose going in the right direction. The guidance you give to each and everyone of us is helping us as a collective. Michael and Jessica, I can’t thank you enough. I’m just lucky to know you guys and to experience this amazing time. God bless you. Love you very much!!!!!

Pricing Options

One at a Time


Access to 1 Bootcamp

  • Access to Tapping Bootcamp to Transmute Fear into Positivity
  • Each session includes 3 to 4 guided EFT Tapping Sessions
  • Each session includes guided intention meditation
  • Q&A Session
  • Email Support

Subscription Plan


ALL ACCESS Pass to All Bootcamps

  • All LIVE Open Hearted Warrior Bootcamps, including tapping (2xs/month)
  • Access to ever-growing library of pre-recorded bootcamps
  • Access to the Open Hearted Warriors Private Facebook Community
  • Access to additional fun and inspiring monthly  programming 
  • Email support