Manifest Your Dream Life!

The Manifestation Masterclass is a Group Coaching Program designed for 18 High-Vibrating, Highly Motivated Manifesters!


Everything You Needed to Know About the Manifestation MasterClass...

...and some things you didn't need to know! Plus a cameo appearance by our special guest instructor, Sir Meowsers (aka The Black Panther)

The Manifestation MasterClass is a 10-Week LIVE, Interactive Group Coaching Program

The next Masterclass is slated to begin January 16th, 2020! Classes will take place every Thursday at 8pm EST for 10 weeks! We are keeping the group small & intimate--only 18 people! So don't hesitate, Sign up now!


The Manifestation MasterClass is for you,
if you...

1) Know what you want but feel stuck in your current situation.

2) Are new to the Law of Attraction and don't know where to begin.

3) You've done all you can--read books, listened to or watched interviews on the Law of Attraction, and now you're overwhelmed.

4) Are trying to change your life circumstances, but you're surrounded by people who want to keep you down.

5) Are downright confused and don't even know what you want anymore.

6) Are confused by what you desire vs what's for your highest good. 

7) Feel guilty for the things you want to manifest in your life.

8) You've made the Law of Attraction work in some areas of your life, but now you want to take it to the next level!


What's Included in the
Manifestation MasterClass Group Coaching Program

10 Weekly Live Calls + Weekly Homework

We'll meet weekly for 10 weeks in an intimate, supportive group setting limited to a maximum of 18 Manifesters. The 75-minute classes will take place live via video calls on Zoom. Each week you'll have the opportunity to ask Michael your questions and get answers for your specific needs.

You'll solidify everything you've learned in class with weekly homework!

We'll Harness the Power
of Group Intention

Each class will include a group intention meditation to help you achieve your dreams. 

Research has shown that when small groups of people (8 or more) set their intentions on the same thing, the effect is far more powerful than individuals manifesting on their own. Studies also suggest when we focus our intentions on helping others, our own lives miraculously improve!* 

*See Lynne McTaggart's interview

BONUS: Get Free Access to 3 Online Courses!

By becoming a Manifestation MasterClass member, you also get free access to 3 of our online courses:

1) The Magical Evening Routine
2) The Magical Morning Routine
3) The Automatic Writing Experience

These 3 courses - which can alone transform your life - are a combined value of $300!!!

10 Guided Meditations

Every class will include a live guided manifestation meditation led by Michael. These meditations are designed to help you reach heart coherence, raise your vibration and reach your highest potential yet! 

Each guided meditation will be recorded and available for download for you to re-listen anytime you want!

Theta Brainwave Entrainment Music

Theta brainwave entrainment music is an integral tool Michael uses for reprogramming the subconscious mind. He also happens to create his own theta music, which is often accompanied by nature sounds and birds he loves so much. He'll be sharing his latest music tracks with the MasterClass!

Compassionate Email Support

Questions and comments are encouraged during the Live Classes. The more interactive the better! However, if you have a question of a personal nature you'd rather keep private, Michael and his wife, Jessica are both available via email to answer your questions. 

The Manifestation MasterClass
Lesson Plan

Each week you'll learn new Law of Attraction tools & techniques.

We begin with tapping into your intuition for guidance & clarity on your path. We then work on raising your vibration to attract new opportunities into your life. Next, it's on to diving into your subconscious to identify & clear potential roadblocks.

All the while you are gaining more and more clarity on what you want to manifest, so when it comes to visualizing your future, it's like watching a movie in HD! And the movie you're watching is the new story you've written for yourself!

Finally, before we unleash the new you, we take a look at long-term manifesting--how you envision your life 5 to 10 years down the road!

WEEK 1: Learn to Tune into Your Higher Self

WEEK 2: Use Your Mornings for Manifestation

WEEK 3: Raise Your Energy & Vibration

WEEK 4: Reprogram Your Subconscious 

WEEK 5: Remove Unconscious Negative Blocks to Abundance & Money

WEEK 6: Create a Personal Mission Statement

WEEK 7: WOOHOO 8 - Create Your 8 Wealth Categories

WEEK 8: Visualize with Passion!

WEEK 9: Rewrite Your Story & Own It!

WEEK 10: Long-Term Manifesting & Beyond


This limited time offer ends Nov 15th, 2019. Register now to save your spot! Make 3 easy monthly payments or save by making one payment!

1 Payment Option:
WAS  $950
NOW Only $750!

Monthly Payment Option: WAS  $350/month 
NOW Only $275/month!

"I still feel like I'm living in a dream, the coaching class was such a whirlwind, I came out of it after 12 weeks and everything is different!! I'm running more, I'm spending more time with my family, I'm not constantly stressed and thinking about what else could go wrong at work. I'm truly living the dream. Thank you Michael and thank you Jessica! Also after penny pinching and saving feeling like I was going to be fired any day, and now having security, we took the vacation payout money from the old job and WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! How does it get better than that? "

Adam C.

"Hi Michael, I want you to know that I am very grateful for the coaching sessions I had with you. From the very first time we talked it was obvious that you care and that you were there to support me through my journey. Your insight, guidance and suggestions helped me clear some of the old blocks, patterns, and beliefs that were weighing me down and it opened a new world of possibilities. I felt understood and supported throughout the process, and it seemed that you always knew what was needed at each session to get me going to the next level. My life is very different now. I feel so much lighter, happier and peaceful while waiting for the next chapter of my life to unfold. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Marijana J

Remember, Your Manifestation MasterClass Membership Comes with Access to
3 Inspire Nation University Online Courses!

These online courses are a combined valued of $300!

A Message from Your Manifestation MasterClass Instructor, MICHAEL SANDLER

Dear Future Master Manifester,

I'm Michael Sandler, 48 years old and living the dream life--I'm living in my dream home in Colorado, with nature and trails out my backdoor. I have an amazing wife, Jessica who stuck by my side through some of my biggest trials. I have the most incredible job in the world--interviewing & getting to speak with leading experts on spirituality, law of attraction, neuroplasticity, brain hacking, alternative health and wellness and personal development... but... wasn't always so sweet. I was put through the wringer earlier in life--bullied in school, hit by a car, run over by a motorcycle, 2 more near fatal accidents, a fiance who abandoned me while I was still in the hospital, bankruptcy... I could go on and on.  

How did I turn my life around? 

A lot of prayer, surrendering and more surrendering and then I started reading--make that devouring nearly 1000 books on all areas of self improvement including dozens and dozens of books on the Law of Attraction & Manifestation. I went on to interview nearly all of the leading LOA experts on my podcast and youtube channel, Inspire Nation Show.

I took only the most effective tools and techniques and applied them to my life. It's not only worked for myself, it's worked for hundreds of my private coaching clients. Now for the first time, I'm offering the Manifestation MasterClass, so you can make the Law of Attraction work for you!  (At a fraction of the cost of private coaching!) 

No need to read 100's or 1000's of books. No need to listen to or watch more interviews. No need to discern which expert to believe vs another. I've already done all the leg-work for you. Let's get you manifesting fast!

One of my greatest joys comes from watching my coaching clients reach their full potential, surprising their loved ones and even themselves.

I'd be honored should you choose to embark on this journey with me, Jessica and 18 other highly motivated and high-vibrating individuals for 10 

At the end of 10 weeks, I promise you'll be shining brighter than ever and amazed at how your life has transformed!

With love & gratitude!

Michael Sandler 
Host of Inspire Nation Show, Master Manifester & WOOHOO Artist

PS: As part of your membership with the Manifestation MasterClass, I'm including access to all 3 of my online courses: 1) The Automatic Writing Experience, 2) The Magical Morning Routine & 3) The Magical Evening Routine  (A $300 Value!)

Money Back Guarantee

Michael has not only personally used the manifestation tools & techniques he'll be teaching in this program, he's coached hundreds of clients one-on-one to creating lives far beyond their expectations. That's why we're confident you'll be ecstatic with your experience in the Manifestation MasterClass and why we're offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee--no questions asked! WOOHOO!


Two Payment Options

Make 3 easy monthly payments or save by making one payment!

1 Payment Option:
WAS  $950
NOW Only $750!

Monthly Payment Option: WAS  $350/month 
NOW Only $275/month!


The Next MasterClass Starts Spring 2020.
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We're sorry you weren't able to join us for the 2nd round of the Manifestation MasterClass. Good news is we'll be holding it again in the Spring 2020! Get on the wait list and you'll be first to know when registration opens!