The Automatic Writing Experience

Discover your Inner GPS for instant high-level guidance to help you find direction, make decisions, reprogram your subconscious, heal body, mind & soul, and truly live your greatest life!


Topics Covered in This Online Course

Everything you need to know to dive deep and get powerful words of wisdom!

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Tap into your intuition & begin getting wisdom and guidance today. 

What You Really Need To Know

Learn the best questions to ask for daily guidance and direction.


Trouble-Shoot Challenges

Overcome early hurdles, tap into your heart and kick the ego out!


Overcome Negativity

Purge negativity and start healing your inner wounds. 

Build the Perfect Environment

Discover your unique best time and place for diving deep & getting guidance!

Discover Who You Truly Are

Discover who you truly are, why you are here & what you are meant to do!

Meet Your New Personal Assistant

Get top-level assistance for scheduling, prioritizing & setting up your day!

Use AWE as Your Co-Pilot

Get answers to your most important questions fast, for the best outcomes possible!

I created this program because automatic writing literally transformed my life. It guided me in launching Inspire Nation Show, it helped me take better care of my beautiful wife, Jessica and it helped me heal some pretty big wounds from early on in life.

The guidance, support and love you need to make massive change in your life is literally at your finger tips, whether it's coming through a keyboard or pen-to-paper. Divine intelligence is just waiting for you to take the plunge. "They" in tandem with your "Higher Self" have so much to tell you and so much love to share. 

~ Michael Sandler

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