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"Michael is a powerhouse of information to change your life in ways that are emotional and physical, especially when you have been faced with any kind of hardship or struggle. His knowledge and tool chest is not just one thing, but many that have already brought peace, newfound strength and inspiration to the ones that need it the most." 

–Anthony William, #1 New York Times best selling author and the originator of the global celery juice movement.

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"Wouldn't it be nice to consult a source of infinite wisdom when faced with a life-changing decision? That's exactly what Michael Sandler shows you how to do in The Automatic Writing Experience, using the apt acronym of AWE. He shows you how to set aside your worried, logical, limited mind, and connect with wellsprings of wisdom far below the level of conscious awareness."

–Dawson Church, award-winning author of Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity and Joy.

Leverage the Power of Automatic Writing to:


Access Higher Intelligence,


Unleash Your Creative Genius, and


Experience Tangible Transformation

in Any Area of Your Life.


The Next 30 Days With AWE Could Change Everything… Are You Ready?


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Learn More About The Automatic Writing Experience


AWE is about so much more than writing.


It was created with YOU in mind–your personal transformation.


AWE is a call to return to a state of awe for the life we have.


If you feel confused, stuck, and are seeking clarity on how to uncover and achieve your most meaningful goals, AWE is here to move you forward...


Have the traditional ways of goal setting and following "advice" left you feeling even more frustrated?

Is your nightstand full of half-read self-help books?

Have you signed up for courses you didn’t feel inspired to stick with?  

Well, you're in the right place!

Now, think for a moment about what your typical morning routine looks like. Most of us, by habit, tend to do this upon getting up in the morning.

We check our phones–looking at texts, emails, and social media. Or we immediately attend to our “to do” list and the needs of others.

You see, the outside world has already grabbed your attention, before you’re even fully awake. All of that noise seeps into your consciousness, squelches your own powerful inner voice and further reinforces feelings of being stuck in mental prisons of fear, limitation, and confusion. 

But I want to show you something that has the power to break you free from all of that.

Years ago I made a decision to completely overhaul my morning routine, and it's been the best thing I could have ever done for myself. This exact process is the primary way I was able to create tangible, lasting transformation in the direction my life was heading and the person I was becoming.

It happened when I discovered and developed a daily practice I call The Automatic Writing Experience.

And just what is Automatic Writing?

The process is simple, but the results it brings are extraordinary.

Each morning, you set aside 30 minutes where you sit down, quiet your mind into a meditative, Zen-like state and put pen to paper.

Once the overly noisy and critical ego mind gets out of the way and you continue to let the words flow, amazing new ideas, fresh insights and clear directions for your life's unique path will begin to bubble up to the surface, almost like magic. 

The inspired guidance that flows through your fingertips is channeled from a higher place: a source of Infinite Love, Wisdom and Intelligence that wants nothing more than to give you all the inspiration and information you need to begin experiencing tangible breakthroughs and immediate progress in your life.

Simply put: Automatic Writing can tune you into the clearest guidance on how to live your most aligned, inspired and uniquely successful life. 

It has the power to help you tap into personalized guidance and inspiration-on-demand that comes from "somewhere else." 

And when I say somewhere else, let me be clear: I am talking about your higher self, soul or Source energy. You might even call it God. 

What if you could reliably tap into this constant, unwavering source of wisdom, guidance and clarity and apply it directly to your life?

What if the breakthroughs of clarity you’ve been seeking could literally be channeled through your fingertips, each and every morning?

And what if you could “download” these insights on demand and take immediate and unwavering action toward your unique goals? I’m talking about the goals that you define as success on your terms, not what anyone else thinks you should be doing

Sound good? Ok, Now let’s get into it!

I'm Ready For Tangible Transformation!

What Results Will I Get From The Automatic Writing Experience?


βœ“   Crystal Clarity On What Steps You Need To Take Next To Accomplish Your Most Purpose-Driven Goals.


βœ“   A Surge of Confidence In Yourself, Leading You To Take Inspired, Appropriate Action Steps Towards The Unique Goal(s) You've Uncovered Within Yourself.


βœ“   More Tangible Progress Towards Your True Life's Purpose and Calling In The Next 30 Days Than You Ever Thought Possible.


βœ“   Enhanced Focus and Productivity - you'll leave behind feelings of overwhelm, distraction and self-doubt, as you receive clear, undeniable daily guidance from your higher Self and intelligence.


βœ“   Transcend the Limits of Your Rational Ego Mind, thanks to the infinite and loving wisdom of your soul, guiding you steadily towards your best life path. 


βœ“   On-Demand Access to a Wellspring of Inspiration and Creative Ideas Uniquely Suited to YOU. 


Here's how people have leveraged AWE to:


  • Uplevel their career (pay raise, promotion or find a more fulfilling line of work) 

  • Start creating inspired art

  • Move to a new country

  • Attract more loving relationships

  • Find the confidence and clarity to learn a new skill

  • Start new, profitable businesses

Yes, I Want Results Like These!



2020 caught the entire world off guard. We’re living through a once-in-a-generation global crisis with no immediate solutions.

Nobody’s life last year went went according to plan. 

But are you going to just wait and hope for things to go back to normal?

Many will spend months if not years desperately grasping for their “old way of doing things" - The patterns of behavior and beliefs that kept them comfortably numb (and stuck) for so long. 

A small percentage of people will come through this generation-defining pandemic as a new and upgraded version of themselves.


I want to offer you a solution to make that happen. 


The Automatic Writing Experience is a proven system that has helped me and many of my students experience deeply meaningful breakthroughs in our lives.

I am so passionate about The Automatic Writing Experience because it was the only thing that worked for me, when I was at my lowest and desperate for change.

This program was the vehicle I used to create and sustain a massive turnaround in my life.

Ready For Reinvention? Let's Go!

Meet Your Instructor:


Hi, I'm Michael Sandler.

Together with my wife Jessica, our life's mission is to help you get unstuck, uncover your true purpose and begin taking action steps toward the unique goals that YOU define as success.

I used to live my life a certain way - based on the misguided belief that I needed to suffer and overwork myself, just to live up to some “expectation” of who I was supposed to be in the eyes of others.

In an act of rebellion, I became an extreme athlete, in order to prove I was “good enough." I mistakenly believed that constant suffering was the only path to finding success and fulfillment.

Now, a few "wins" did come from my obsession with struggle and suffering:

I ended up setting a world record for the fastest 10K race completed on crutches, I beat out the US national track cycling team to win the gold, and even completed a 5000 mile solo bike ride to raise awareness for people with learning disabilities.

But honestly? All of that was all motivated by ego, deep insecurity and a never-ending need to fill the painful, gaping hole in my soul.

That same obsession with living to extremes resulted in a few devastating accidents that almost killed me.


Those near death experiences finally woke me up.


I truly believe there was a Higher Intelligence that orchestrated those devastating accidents, leading me to finally change the direction of my life. Instead of being driven by my insecurities, I was put on a new path of higher, heart-driven purpose:  Healing myself so I could eventually help to heal and inspire others.

In the 7 years since my last near-fatal accident I have... 

  • Interviewed over 1200 authors, spiritual teachers, and change agents. 
  • Attracted nearly 200,000 subscribers to the Inspire Nation YouTube channel.
  • Watched in awe as my show, Inspire Nation, surpassed over 50 million downloads. 
  • Coached thousands of people (individually and in my programs) to cross their own “finish line” of soul-driven goals.
  • And most importantly,  developed an even deeper, respectful and loving relationship with my fantastic wife, Jessica!

Look, we’re all facing a major crossroads right now.

But if we consciously choose and commit to changing ourselves: our thoughts, beliefs and our lives, we can powerfully impact those around us to create a brighter new world.

That may sound like a lofty goal, but life is too short (as I’ve learned more than once!) to shoot for anything less.

And that, as I like to say, is a mighty Woo Hoo!!

Ready to Discover Your True Purpose?

Hear From Some of Our Students...

Ever since I was a child, spirituality has always meant this ‘third party’ outside of me who holds all the power and all the answers, but through my journey I am starting to find that, in part, I am this, and automatic writing has served as my introductory course to this profound life lesson.

The purpose of automatic writing was not a way for me to get all the right answers from some mystical figure from up above. It is a way for me to get answers from deep within me, by shutting off the noise and understanding how I really feel.

- Charlene B

Automatic writing has been a game changer for me. I especially have found it helpful when I’ve had big decisions to make. For example, earlier in the year, when I had a new job opportunity that I was very indecisive about, I really dove into the automatic writing and it was amazing how after a few days of this, the clarity to make the decision to accept the job opportunity came naturally. The interesting thing is that my initial reaction to this opportunity was to decline. However, I accepted and this has led to many other great opportunities. 

- Martin A

How Does The Automatic Writing Experience Work?

The Automatic Writing Experience Has 8 Core Modules To Accelerate Your Journey In Uncovering More Meaning, Purpose and Clarity on the Personal or Professional Goals That Matter Most To You.


The program is delivered in bite-sized video lessons. I designed it this way so that the content and principles are easy to digest and create personal momentum as you build on each of your daily “wins.”
I'm Ready for AWE. Let Me In!

MODULE 1: Setting Up Your Ideal Environment

Learn the best ways to set up your environment (from your cushion, room, journal and more) to quiet your mind, connect with your inner-wisdom and call in answers fast.

MODULE 2: Using Rituals With Invocation & Prayer

Learn powerful practices, to call in assistance and get the answers you’re looking for fast, through the most efficient prayers, statements, and powerful rituals.

MODULE 3: Starting the Dialogue With Your Inner Guides

Through AWE you develop a dialogue and relationship with your inner wisdom or guides. Learn how to begin this communication, what to say, and how to say it, to get the fastest, clearest guidance and answers. And how to discern what's coming from you, or from your ego--and even what to do when EGO is speaking loud and clear.

MODULE 4: Troubleshooting

Sometimes the answers just aren't coming. In our trouble-shooting section you'll quickly find out why, what to do about it, and ways to take your Automatic Writing to an entirely new level. Think of troubleshooting as an opportunity in disguise.

MODULE 5: Using Automatic Writing to Get Unstuck

Learn how to directly ask why you may be blocked, what you need to learn, and the fastest ways to get unstuck. There's a spiritual or inner-solution to everything, and when you tap in through AWE you'll learn how to go from idle to high gear, AND in the direction you want to go.

MODULE 6: How to Raise Your Vibration With Automatic Writing

If you want greater happiness, manifestation, and synchronicity in your life, then you want to vibrate at the highest state you can! Through AWE you'll learn how to drop the negativity and negative thoughts fast, and train your mind to become a positivity junkie. You'll not only attract more positive events into your life, but positive people too--and greater abundance!!!

MODULE 7: The Law of Attraction & Automatic Writing for Manifestation

Become an alchemist and learn how to work on the other side of the "veil.” In AWE, you'll discover how to work in the "hypnagogic" state, or the half-here, half-not here state where you can create in the shortest time possible. It's where the likes of Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, and many of the greats have pulled genius, and manifestation, almost out of thin air.

MODULE 8: Automatic Writing for Channeling, Mediumship & Tapping Into Higher Consciousness

Learn how to tap into Source, Archangels, and your guides. The more you practice, the louder your Inner Guidances becomes, and the more clearly you can hear your Guides, and even loved ones from the other side of the veil. You don't need a shaman or medium. All you need is commitment to the daily practice of AWE.

I'm Ready to Join AWE!

Don’t Forget To Check Out These AWEsome Bonuses!


All of these bonsues are designed to enhance your experience and results while going through the Automatic Writing Experience:

BONUS 1: Theta Brainwave Entrainment Music for Automatic Writing

Theta brain entrainment music helps you quickly get into the most creative, plugged-in state to communicate with your inner-wisdom or guides. You'll find a generous collection of binaural beats, theta brain entrainment music to help block out distractions, tune in, and get in the most powerful brainwave state for AWE. Flip on the music, and you'll quickly find yourself in a monk-like state.

BONUS 2: Delta Brainwave Entrainment Music for Better Sleep

Not only will you get theta brainwave entrainment music to help you plug in fast, but bonus delta brainwave entrainment music pieces to help you fall asleep with ease. The easier we sleep, the more rested and relaxed we are through the day, and the easier it is to dive into your AWE practice (often done early in the morning or late at night). This music will help you sleep faster and wake more rested and refreshed. Ahhhhh.

BONUS 3: Guided Meditations to Prepare Your Mind for Automatic Writing

Learn how to quiet the mind fast! To dive into AWE, and hear your inner wisdom, it helps to have a quiet mind. That can be very challenging today. However, you don't need to be a monk, guru or sage to discover the inner peace to dive in fast. Instead you'll be armed with the simplest, easiest meditations possible to quiet the mind, and dive into AWE!

More Success Stories...

Through automatic writing I was able to find clarity in my life, focus my jumbled thoughts, and quickly work through emotional issues. As a person who is constantly cooking up new ideas and has my hands in many pots, the use of automatic writing and list building has been a great way for me to reduce my anxiety and stay on task. I am now able to be laser-focused and achieve more in a day than ever before. And not to mention, I am happier than I have ever been. This practice allows me to clearly think through dilemmas, shrug off dramas, keep calm, be happy and stay goal-oriented.

- Rita C

UPDATE: 2 job promotions in ONE year!

The common theme was that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, that things are happening exactly as they were supposed to, and to trust my intuition and my psychic abilities. 

The words "intuition" and "psychic" were being repeated over and over, and that was certainly new for me, but exactly what I needed to hear. So, it was a combination of automatic writing, prayer and following my intuition, which brought me to where I am today. I do feel very strongly that I am where I am supposed to be right now.

- Marijana J 

Community is Built Into The Automatic Writing Experience 


Throughout the Automatic Writing Experience, Jessica, my support team and I will be with you every step of the way. 

You'll never be alone.

Isn't now the perfect time to connect and expand your transformational community with other like-hearted people on similar journeys? 

Inside AWE, you'll have consistent guidance, support and an active community via our Facebook group, as well as, a monthly LIVE group coaching call that will give you direct access to me & Jessica for Q&A.  

Join The AWE Community Today!


βœ“  You're motivated to undergo personal transformation and are willing to commit.
βœ“  You've achieved a certain degree of success, but you're still feeling unfulfilled.
βœ“  You have a strong work ethic and focus, yet still have doubts on how to accomplish your most meaningful goals.
βœ“  You're sick and tired of following traditional goal-setting advice that doesn't fit your unique life purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Imagine How AWE Could Change YOU...

Overall, Awe seems to set the tone for the day- a friendly, warm compassionate conversation that seems to always be reminding me of my gifts to share with the world. It helps to remind me of the true priorities of my life, I am a spiritual being here on this earth to live, learn, and love, all while shining as brightly as I can. In addition, it seems to bring me divine synchronicities - for example, the messages I write on the day will be repeated back to me by a stranger.

- Veronica G

Automatic Writing has helped show me my capacities are much greater than I previously thought. And by putting it down on paper I start to believe I can do much more than I thought, such as finally pursuing dreams I’ve long wished for. It has also helped me a lot in reaching my goals of leading a more balanced life.

- Robert N 

A Promise and An Invitation...


Is it possible to put a price on the feelings of fulfillment, excitement and satisfaction as you take the first steps in a new direction, one aligned with the calling of your highest self?  

Probably not.

The best things in life truly are priceless, right?

But here’s another way to look at it, when it comes to deciding whether or not to invest in yourself and this program. Think about where you could be and who you could become in the next 30, 60 or 90 days...

How much is it worth to you to gain the clarity and courage to be more true to yourself and what your soul really wants with your brief time on this Earth?

Join The Next Cohort of AWE!

AWE is an Investment in YOU


Regular Price: $397

Limited-Time Offer: $147  


AWE  is the #1 transformational tool I teach all of my clients. Step by step you'll be guided through a powerful, proven process to get you tuned in to your Inner Wisdom and Higher Guidance whenever you need it. 

And, joining the Automatic Writing Experience and having access to all of these tools, community, and a doorway to tangible transformation will cost you..

less than the price of ONE fancy coffee drink per day. 

Or, less than just one fine dinner out.

Now, this is likely one of the last times we will be offering full access to AWE, the community and Michael & Jessica for only $147. As enrollment and demand from new students continues to rise, the price will go back up in the near future.

So, if you're on the fence about enrolling now, please know that this will be one of the last opportunities to join The Automatic Writing Experience at this more affordable price.

Now, if this course and all it has to offer resonates with you and you’re committed to making more tangible transformation in the next month than you have in the previous year, Jessica and I look forward to welcoming you with love and support inside The Automatic Writing Experience!

I know that you will walk away from this program with this powerful new skill, practical insights and clear action plans that will propel you forward on your highest path.

Are you ready?

Yes, I'm Ready to Invest in My Transformation!

Will You Answer The Call?


I want to be clear: The Automatic Writing Experience isn’t right for everyone.

No course or program is.

But, if you’re going through a tumultuous time, or you are yearning to make the changes you’ve been wishing for, and are willing to roll up your sleeves and commit, I know that this course and the AWE community will give you the boost and direction you have been seeking.  

My best students – the ones who consistently get the best results from working with me – are those who “show up to class”, commit to the practice, and reach out for and offer support to other like-hearted folks in the community.

Are you ready to invest the time, focus and energy into yourself, in order harvest the fruits of true, lasting transformation?

If so, we can't wait to see you inside of AWE!

Yes I'm ready. Let me in!

If Not Now, Then When?


When Jessica and I are on the fence about making a real decision that can change our lives for the better, we ask ourselves, "if not now, then when?"

It's also something I ask each and every one of my private coaching clients. That simple question reminds us that the present moment is where all of our power exists - the power to enact positive, lasting changes in our lives.

Not in the future or a vague "someday" which may never come.

But right here, right now.

So, I'm asking you to do an honest gut check with where you are now and whether or not it’s where you truly want to be. 

What about 30 days from now? What about next year?

Would you like to make 2021 the year you are living as your most inspired and best self?

If so, I know for a fact that The Automatic Writing Experience can be the both the vehicle and support system to help get you there. 

I'm Ready Now!

A Risk-Free Environment:


If you’re truly ready to commit to yourself, your transformation, and The Automatic Writing Experience, I want to make your decision a complete “no-brainer.”

I believe so strongly in the transformative power of the Automatic Writing Experience that I am willing to offer you a 10 Day No-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

That means you can jump straight into the training, try out as many modules as you like, join our group coaching calls AND join the AWE Facebook community for 10 full days with ZERO RISK.

If for any reason the program isn’t for you, simply email us and we will issue you an immediate refund.


If you're ready to get started with AWE, we look forward to seeing you inside to program!

With love,

Michael Sandler & Jessica Lee.

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